last haulout in September 2012

taken at her last haulout in September 2012. New bottom paint, zincs, and bootstripe repositioning.

LOA: 26′ 10″ (26.83)
LWL: 19′ 6″ (19.5)
Beam: 7′ 8.5″ (7.7)
Draft: 4′ 4″ (4.33)
Working sail area: 384 sq. ft.
Displacement: 6,900 lbs.
Internal ballast (keel weight): 2,700 lbs.
Water: 26 gal.
Fuel: 10 gal.
Raritan PHII manual head
30-ft. Sitka Spruce mast

original outline

This boat has had only three owners, all in the Pacific Northwest. As the third, I’ve owned this boat since July 1999. All pictures are recent, 2016 or 2017, except where otherwise noted. Much of the work on this boat has been with systems improvements. Work continues daily on the cosmetic finishes below decks, which will serve to increase the sale price as time passes.


the deck-stepped mast, her doghouse and dorades the forward hatch and bronze deadlight

Four bronze opening portlights with bug screens in the doghouse, from Port Townsend Foundry

a forward deadlight, two forward round opening portlights, and two rectangular opening portlights

forward bronze ports include a forward deadlight, two round opening portlights, and two rectangular opening portlights

Bronze chain pipe for anchor rode which drops down into custom-made chain locker.

the foredeck with bronze chain pipe

the foredeck with bronze chain pipe

Port quarter showing custom-built stern rail and mushroom vent for lazarette Bisous starboard quarter showing new custom-made stern rail, radar mast attachment, and towel-bar traveler


She sports her original pedestal and wheel, but with my additions of an Edson offset pedestal guard, Edson engine controls with Edson wheel brake, a Furuno radar display, a Ritchie compass, and custom rope-covering for the Edson wheel.

the pedestal and wheel with radar display; the shifter is behind the wheel the throttle and wheel brake

Her rope covered Edson wheel and Ritchie binnacle compass.

the rope-covered wheel and Ritchie compass the Ritchie compass

Furuno radar with GPS installed in 2009.

Furuno radar & GPS the radar housing

New custom radar mast that supports GPS receiver, VHF antenna, stern running light and cockpit floodlight, installed in 2009.

Furuno radome with GPS and VHF antenna, stern light and cockpit floodlight

Horizon depth sounder and knot meter on aft starboard house. ISSPRO engine gauges on forward cockpit well wall.

the Horizon knot meter and depth sounder ISSPRO engine gauges

The cockpit lockers contain two 6-volt house batteries to starboard and a starting battery to port. A fused switch in the starboard cockpit locker controls the cockpit floodlight and the cockpit DC plug.

enclosed in a battery box the starboard cockpit locker with bilge and fuel hoses; also the engine shutoff located here

the two 6-volt house batteries in the starboard cockpit locker a fused switch for the cockpit light and DC plug

the 12 volt starting battery in the port cockpit locker the port cockpit locker with lots of stowage space

the exhaust hose and winch handles the yard number burned into the forward bulkhead inside the port cockpit locker


This is a dragon-class Cheoy Lee. The dragon carving is located in the saloon.

the dragons in the saloon

the dragons in the saloon

detail of dragons

detail of dragons

The saloon settees have newly-made cushions and 4-inch foam. I have lots of additional fabric for other cushion ideas and would gladly hand it over at no additional cost.

the starboard saloon settee the saloon port quarterberth

A Guest 2610A 10-amp, fully-automatic, water-resistant, fully encapsulated, dual-stage charger. This is installed under the starboard settee along with the transducer for the depth sounder.

the Guest battery charger the Guest battery charger

The galley is newly plumbed and the galley countertop is partially covered with fresh Formica. There is more Formica to finish the counter and I would gladly provide it at no additional cost. An AC 110V GFCI plug is located in the galley bulkhead.

the galley with sink and stove dish cupboards over the galley counter

the Origo gimbaled two burner alcohol stove the Origo two burner alcohol stove is gimbaled

a deep sink with new drain plumbing and a manual pump faucet

a deep sink with new drain plumbing and a manual pump faucet

The holding tank is located in the space behind the stove, and can be accessed through the hatch in the locker above it.

the locker next to the dish rack, hatch leads to holding tank the dish rack over the sink

The electrical panel in the starboard saloon includes a 30-amp AC main supporting two saloon outlets, and all the DC switches along with a voltmeter.

the custom-made electrical panel

the custom-made electrical panel

A Pioneer stereo with removable face and dvd player is located in the forward starboard bulkhead of the saloon. A Horizon VHF radio is installed in the starboard aft saloon.

the Pioneer stereo in the forward starboard bulkhead of the saloon the VHF radio


The isolated head compartment is entirely new. The original toilet was located under the port bunk with a lift lid. The Raritan toilet is a new installation and is fully serviced. It has a retractable pump handle to save space. There is a small cupboard above the toilet.

a Raritan PHII manual toilet with a retractable pump handle

Across from the head is a hanging locker, the door of which closes off the saloon when privacy is needed.

the door between galley and forward cabin

the door between galley and forward cabin


The forward cabin has been largely reconstructed with an added, enclosed chain locker, a forward deadlight, opening portlights, and all-new bunk cushions.

a reconstructed forward cabin

a reconstructed forward cabin

the v-berth cushions in the forward cabin

the v-berth cushions in the forward cabin

The water tank fill hose runs down along the port v-berth bunk. The water tank is located under the v-berth and holds 26 gallons of water.

the water tank fill hose in the port v-berth bunk

the water tank fill hose in the port v-berth bunk

the port v-berth shelf the starboard v-berth shelf

Two round opening portlights with bug screens are installed in the forward cabin. In addition, a dual dome light is installed on the cabin starboard bulkhead.

the opening portlight over the port v-berth bunk port v-berth portlight closed

starboard portlight over bunk the dome light on the starboard bulkhead in the forward cabin


Bisous was re-powered before 1999 with a 1981 Universal M-18 diesel engine; I keep this engine well serviced and it has always run without issues. New fuel hoses and a Racor filter were installed in 2002. A new water pump was installed in 2007. The alternator was serviced in 2001, and a new propeller and SS shaft were installed at that time, as well as cutlass bearing and shaft coupling.

her Universal M-18 engine front view top view of engine


Included is an older mainsail and jib, and a newer genoa, The sail inventory could be updated.