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my 1965 Cheoy Lee Offshore 27 sloop

another overdue oil change

It’s been two years since the last oil change, and the oil had become an alarmingly opaque black. I need to put this on my calendar to get done at the same time every year. I had everything I needed on hand, so I started the engine, which didn’t hesitate to fire up for even a second despite … read more

the fwd port corner is coated

I covered the forward port corner with a layer of fairing after prepping the section with a wash. I had to move some of the wiring out of the way, tape another thru-bolt, and tape off the dome light. The other thing I did was to glue the overhead panel under the dragon facing at that … read more

fairing more fwd corner and off to port

The results are encouraging. I mixed two double batches today and finished the starboard forward corner, then went on to the port side. The stringy bumps are from the rough layup on the fiberglass hull. The sanding after I’ve finished will help smooth that out.   

fairing toward the stb corner

I decided to do the starboard corner and cleaned it up to get it ready. I spent a lot of time taping the thru-bolt for the house handrails. I mixed a double batch of fairing epoxy for this and went as far as I could with it.   

the headliner fairing continues

My conclusion about the consistency of the thickened epoxy turned out to be right. The second section came out really well.    I taped the area where the dragon carving goes in order to concentrate on this area first. This time I mixed a double batch of epoxy for the next application. It gets really hard … read more

a thicker epoxy mix is needed

The test section for the headliner fairing surprised me. There were sags, big sags, in the results. This told me that I needed to mix a thicker batch, far thicker than I’d mixed for this first test. I cut off that long stalactite and washed the cured finish, then sanded it a bit with 80 … read more

a test for the headliner finish

I’ve mixed a very small batch of fairing epoxy filler and applied it to a test section of the headliner. The section I chose, located on the port side of the companionway hatch, is particularly nasty with uneven layup. I used West System fast drying epoxy and 410 Microlight Fairing Filler for this. I washed the … read more

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