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my 1965 Cheoy Lee Offshore 27 sloop

a thicker epoxy mix is needed

The test section for the headliner fairing surprised me. There were sags, big sags, in the results. This told me that I needed to mix a thicker batch, far thicker than I’d mixed for this first test. I cut off that long stalactite and washed the cured finish, then sanded it a bit with 80 … read more

a test for the headliner finish

I’ve mixed a very small batch of fairing epoxy filler and applied it to a test section of the headliner. The section I chose, located on the port side of the companionway hatch, is particularly nasty with uneven layup. I used West System epoxy and 407 filler for this. I washed the area with water … read more

a plan for the headliner

I’ve been thinking of a new solution for finishing off the headliners on the boat. Ever since I removed all the old hardboard headliner panels that were attached with a million small screws back in 2003, I’ve been struggling with this decision. Many years ago I thought I would resolve it with a vinyl cloth fabric that I … read more

more changes around Bisous

I was contacted early this morning to move Bisous once again. Tom the dock worker told me that he’d installed all the cleats on the downriver dock finger, and given that another cabin had been moved to the outer pier there was quite a bit of construction work going on over there, and I would be … read more

big changes on the north dock

It’s been a hectic week with all the changes on the north dock. I’ve learned a lot more about what will be happening there in the near future. For one, in the very near future more houses just like the one just installed, in fact as many as 10 more houses, will be arriving for … read more

the cabin is moved

I returned this morning to see how things were going with the work being done to move the floating cabin. When I arrived at 9:30 there were four men working on removing the slip fingers. I asked them if they wanted me to move my boat out of the way and they assured me it was … read more

birds, cabins, and lighting

A few things I didn’t expect here at Bisous’ new slip. One was the intense bird scat. The cormorants and seagulls sit on top of the tall piles here on the pier and their droppings are more like paint balls than anything else. From that distance, once the scat hits the dock it splatters everywhere. Then … read more

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