the s/v Bisous

my 1965 Cheoy Lee Offshore 27 sloop

the cabin is moved

I returned this morning to see how things were going with the work being done to move the floating cabin. When I arrived at 9:30 there were four men working on removing the slip fingers. I asked them if they wanted me to move my boat out of the way and they assured me it was … read more

birds, cabins, and lighting

A few things I didn’t expect here at Bisous’ new slip. One was the intense bird scat. The cormorants and seagulls sit on top of the tall piles here on the pier and their droppings are more like paint balls than anything else. From that distance, once the scat hits the dock it splatters everywhere. Then … read more

the boom is back on

After five coats of varnish put on below decks, I’ve moved the boom back out and mounted it in place. The rains are coming but around the rains I’m hoping to have some sunny days to add more coats to the boom end. I’ve covered the main hatch for the rains, which are expected to … read more

a different side tie

I laid on a fourth coat of varnish on the boom end today. Then a few pictures of her new location on the north end of the marina. Away from the big ketch, now that the boat house that was tied there has moved to the south end of the marina. Far less of a … read more

a third coat on the boom

With this third coat, I pulled the varnish further back into the good finish. The result is very satisfying.

varnishing the boom end begins

I found that my last application of epoxy filler was satisfactory so I sanded the area smooth and applied a first, diluted coat of varnish onto the area.

another go at the seams

The epoxy continues to sink into the seams and will not provide a smooth surface to varnish. I’ve cleaned off the last application and put more epoxy filler on. I tried to create a convex curve so that if anything, I’ll have to sand it smooth when it has set. I feel this will do … read more

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