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my 1965 Cheoy Lee Offshore 27 sloop

the mast pipe hose is replaced

Unfortunately, the solution I’d come up with in August 2015 for covering the mast pipe wiring has failed. Over the course of this very wet season I’ve had a pretty consistent leak below from that hose. I couldn’t figure out why this was happening. I caulked it and tightened the screws, but still it leaked. Then … read more

final headliner fairing in the main saloon

The construction zone that overwhelms the pier to the north of Bisous’ slip here at Big Oak Marina is a huge sore spot for me. This isn’t what a boating marina, or even a float-home community marina, should be engaged in. Enough said. I have just today finished applying the second coat of fairing on the … read more

another go at a new mid-rail cleat

This boat has always had a dearth of mooring cleats. The only cleats original to the boat are for running rigging and have been very awkward to use for tying the boat to dock. Back in August of 2007 I’d bought a mid-rail cleat and installed it on the port rail. I can’t remember who I’d bought it … read more

old holes finally plugged

I’ve finally plugged the holes at the aft outer corners of the saloon, which had been left unplugged since the new corner posts were installed over 14 years ago. There are three holes to plug in each post. I bought 1/2-inch teak plugs for this, but found that the bottom hole on the starboard post was … read more

primer on two bunk boards

With a rare sunny day at hand I’ve started tackling the painting of the bunk boards that fit on the bunks in the forward cabin. These are the two aft-most boards for both the starboard and port bunks. I’ve first sanded these with 80, then 120 grit. Then I applied a primer coat. I need to drill … read more

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