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my 1965 Cheoy Lee Offshore 27 sloop

more late-summer maintenance

With the mistakenly-predrilled holes in the newly-formed cam cleat bases filled, and knowing the bases will attach to the cockpit coaming as expected, I’ve been applying coats of tung oil finish on them to prepare them for mounting.    I intend to use the original cam cleats to pattern out the new attachment holes once the bases … read more

a rebuild for the cam cleat bases

In the process of tackling some exterior teak cleaning I decided to address the port-side jib sheet cam cleat base which was badly split from years of exposure without a finish. These are older pictures that really don’t show the extent of the deterioration.    I knew these bases were built in something other than teak because of the deterioration, but I … read more

2016 teak cleaning

Bisous’ teak hasn’t been cleaned since February of 2015 when I hired it done before finishing the mast for stepping. She’s been very gray indeed. I started this year by using the Amazon Teak Cleaner I’ve been using for, well, forever. For some reason I wasn’t pleased with the results. I talked to the folks … read more

the dragons are glued in place

I thought I was ready to glue in the dragons but when I set the carving in place I found that the bleeding white paint did in fact show. I removed the carving and touched up the red paint with a foam brush, then waited for this to dry. Meanwhile I sanded the perimeter edges of the back of the … read more

the edge bead is further smoothed out

After a closer look at the headliner edge bead with the dragons in place I realized that I needed to sand the lumps out of the filler bead. I used a Dremel sanding attachment and went along the bead to somewhat smooth out the lumps. Not perfect, but far better than it was.    I put … read more

the dragons against final paint

I applied a second coat of white paint to the edge beading in the morning and left it to dry. I’ve been working on attaching the two end trim pieces to the bottom of the carving area. These are pieces I haven’t had contact with in a long time. On the port side the piece … read more

adding the white paint for perspective

I again put up the dragons to see how it all looked after the second coat of red paint had dried on the backing board. Not bad at all. In order to get a fuller idea of the results, I applied a first coat of white headliner paint to a small section along the edge of the backing … read more

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