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my 1965 Cheoy Lee Offshore 27 sloop

a background color for the dragons

Now that the headliner section next to the dragon carving is finished, I realize that I don’t want to glue the dragons back in quite the same way they had been originally attached. The graceful carving is barely apparent with the wood background and I’d like to set it off a bit more. This is … read more

the dragons are dry-fitted in

The white under-panel seems to be adequately glued to the frame edge at this point and I won’t go any farther with it. I washed the blush off of yesterday’s unthickened epoxy coating within the section that I’m finishing off for the dragons. I then took some white paint and painted the section to set it apart. … read more

a finish layer for the selected headliner section

More washing, sanding, cleaning and then a final coat of unthickened epoxy is applied to the taped-off section, which I’m finishing first in order to reinstall the dragon carving. At the same time I did one more spot of glueing for the under-panel to the dragon carving.

a final fairing of the forward section

I managed to get all the voids filled and a final fairing on the section closest to the dragon carving base. I did some more glueing of the white under-panel as well.

my fairing skills are still evolving

I’m still trying to get rid of the ridges and voids in my fairing. I’m now using a new can of slow hardener, which is lightening up the color of the fairing. I’ve also done some glueing of the front edge of the white under-panel on the port side.

another overdue oil change

It’s been two years since the last oil change, and the oil had become an alarmingly opaque black. I need to put this on my calendar to get done at the same time every year. I had everything I needed on hand, so I started the engine, which didn’t hesitate to fire up for even a second despite … read more

still working on the headliner

The fairing continues, focused on the forward saloon in an effort to get the dragon carving reinstalled as soon as possible. I glued the starboard side outer edges of the new white under-panel located beneath the dragon carving together. I’ll need to do that on the port side as well before I can reinstall the trim piece that … read more

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