This boat has always had a dearth of mooring cleats. The only cleats original to the boat are for running rigging and have been very awkward to use for tying the boat to dock.

Back in August of 2007 I’d bought a mid-rail cleat and installed it on the port rail. I can’t remember who I’d bought it from or who manufactured it. It fits slightly loosely and the securing pin for it is always unscrewing itself, but it’s been a good purchase overall. I failed to buy one for the other side at that time.

the mid-rail cleat purchased in August 2007 the securing pin is in an awkward location

I often could have used a mooring cleat on the starboard rail, but could never seem to find one that fit the rail. I tried a one-inch wide Schaefer version in January 2015 but couldn’t get it to slide onto the rail. It didn’t have enough depth for the rail.  I returned it. I’ve been using the stanchion in the interim.

I was shopping in Sexton’s Chandlery recently and spotted a Garhauer model that looked good. I bought it in hopes that it would work.

my latest attempt at a rail cleat a one-inch rail cleat

I removed the aft end stop on the starboard genoa track and found that the new cleat fit, but wouldn’t go on very easily. I applied some grease to help, and pounded it gently with a rubber mallet. This was as far as I got on the first attempt.

to fit on the one-inch rail the cleat is stuck here at this point

I thought about it and returned to give it another try. I used a hammer and a small wood cleat to gently pound it further onto the track. I was successful with this approach. After that I had to find just the right position in the rail in order to lower the cleat pin and secure it in place. Some careful measuring and additional movement forward and back and I finally got it.

the cleat is securely in place from the water side

I think this cleat is really perfect. I would love to replace the port side rail cleat with another one of these very robust ones. The Garhauer Marine hardware site offers them to purchase.