a Cheoy Lee sloop named Bisous

a classic 1965 Cheoy Lee Offshore 27 sloop

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the cupboard opening and a shelf

I’ve created a new shelf under the port side v-berth bunk. Then I cut the opening out in the port side cupboard bulkhead to match the one in the starboard side. And I’ve put a primer coat of paint on the center panel

grab rails in the forward cabin

I’ve resurrected the hand grab rails for the forward cabin and have begun the reinstallation of them. These rails serve to offer handholds in rough seas given that there are no overhand rails as you would find in larger, more modern boats. Once again I’ve had to research past posts and images to try and … read more

the cupboards under the v-berth

Now that all the bunk boards are painted and back in place, I need to finish up the bulkheads under the v-berth. I haven’t done anything with these since January 2010. I had left the port-side bulkhead in one piece, without an opening, at that time. The intake valve for the toilet is located under that … read more

a retractable toilet pump handle

I’ve invested another $23.50 for a new retractable handle for the toilet pump. This resolves the limited-space issue of the standard pump handle that extended past the doorway leading into the v-berth cabin.

an unanticipated move

I was contacted at the end of the afternoon yesterday that the float home under construction downriver from the boat had broken away from the dock and the gusting winds were pushing it toward my boat. I ran down and saw that the inside house was hanging from one chain and the wind, gusting from … read more

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