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seam filling is completed in the saloon

I’ve finished filling all the overhead corner seams with 405 epoxy filler. It’s pretty cool the way the color blends in with the paneling. This is where I’d left off after the work last year of getting the forward most headliner somewhat ready for re-installation of the dragons. I’d done a lot of fairing and … read more

moved back to the dock finger

I’ve moved Bisous back to the upriver dock finger from her location on the long dock, where I’d moved her last November. There’s an ever-increasing volume of float home construction toward the end of this dock. A lot of construction material is wheeled or carried past and it’s been feeling very risky lately to be next … read more

seams done, fairing continues

I’ve finished filling all the edge seams with thickened epoxy. I’ve done this not only in the main saloon, but also in the head compartment and the forward doghouse hatch area.

fairing the edge seams

Over the course of the past month I’ve been working almost entirely on the overhead project in the main saloon. The weather hasn’t allowed for much else. Cold and rainy. Last month we had 8-1/2 inches of rainfall with average temperatures of 46°F. February was far worse, with 11 inches of rainfall and average temps at 40°F.  This after a … read more

the new cam cleat base suffers

Having had an exceptionally wet winter and having not paid close attention, I’ve just found that the starboard cam cleat base I’d installed last year was suffering from excess moisture. I’ll have to refinish these but in the meantime I’ve sanded the damage off.

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