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another snow dump and arctic colds

Portland got 14 inches of snow with this storm.  

snow and more rain slows things down

My excuse for why things come to a halt in the winter months. Happy Solstice!

temporary fix for the cockpit seat drain

We’ve had a lot of rainfall so far this month. I have the hatches covered and am struggling with finding the source of a small leak at the mast wiring pipe. That’s the only thing leaking inside the boat at this point. My attempt to block the cockpit seat scupper with duct tape over the top … read more

plugs, dock lines and drains

Over time the cockpit seat drains I’d installed in 2007 have slowly deteriorated; the strainer inserts have collapsed from foot traffic. I watch these drains closely for blockage, and made the mistake recently of poking at one of them with a pick to remove what I thought was debris. That poking separated the top section … read more

moved to the long dock for more maintenance

As planned, I moved Bisous to the long dock this past Monday.    This will allow me to work on the port side of the boat from the dock. This includes the deck plugs along that side deck and that side’s hull polishing and buffing, all things I’d already accomplished on the starboard side while she was tied to … read more

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