Over the course of the past month I’ve been working almost entirely on the overhead project in the main saloon. The weather hasn’t allowed for much else. Cold and rainy. Last month we had 8-1/2 inches of rainfall with average temperatures of 46°F. February was far worse, with 11 inches of rainfall and average temps at 40°F.  This after a January that dumped 6 inches of rain here, with average temps at 33°F. Bleak bleak winter.

I moved away from the overhead fairing having decided that I needed to fill all the edge seams before continuing with the fairing.

I’m now using West Systems 405 filler for the seams.

West Systems 405 filler

West Systems 405 filler

I can only do small sections at a time, washing, taping, filling, and allowing overnight curing.

a section taped and filled the section after the filling