I’ve moved Bisous back to the upriver dock finger from her location on the long dock, where I’d moved her last November. There’s an ever-increasing volume of float home construction toward the end of this dock. A lot of construction material is wheeled or carried past and it’s been feeling very risky lately to be next to the construction-worker traffic.

the Big Oak Marina construction zone lies past Bisous' position on the dock

the Big Oak Marina construction zone lies past Bisous’ position on the dock

This long dock lies from south ending to north, with the river running to the north. Before today’s move Bisous’ bow faced south into the upriver current. This is a Google Earth view of the long dock at Big Oak Marina in July of last year, before the intense construction kicked in full force. Only one float home foundation had been put in at that time.

Big Oak Marina north dock 2016

Big Oak Marina north dock 2016

The dock finger I’ve moved her to lies east to west, and in this location the current runs against the port side of her keel.

It turned into an ordeal to get this move done today. Despite a clear weather window with becalmed winds and a smooth river surface, the Multnomah Channel current was raging. I had been completely deceived into thinking the current wasn’t too strong and that it would be easy to move her.

Feeling confident that all would go well, I was alone for this, but when I released the port bow line, her bow just took off downriver held by the very-long starboard bow line. It took every bit of strength I had to pull her stern against the current over to the dock finger. I almost gave up a few times.

Bisous facing south at the long dock in November of last year Bisous facing west on the dock finger and tipped by the strong current

I got this done and settled her in for Spring 2017 maintenance work.