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my 1965 Cheoy Lee Offshore 27 sloop

a new joker valve for the PHII

I purchased a new joker valve for the PHII toilet at the local chandler for $19.50 and set about installing it. This was made difficult by the fact that the toilet had previously been bolted to the platform in six places, and the platform secured in place. I didn’t want to have to take it … read more

the PHII toilet is in but not quite functional

I’ve cut a new platform for the Raritan PHII toilet. I used a platform board that had been discarded by the prior owner of this toilet’s boat. It has a nice piece of trim along the front edge that will make it look better and it’s in very good shape. The new platform isn’t very … read more

a mistake with toilet placement

My next step was to bolt down the Raritan toilet that I’d resurrected from the marina dumpster area and attach the hoses. Sounds easy. Never is. I’ve collected what I think are all the adapters, bolts, and clamps for accomplishing this. I needed a reducer for the intake hose, going from 1-inch to 3/4-inch, which I … read more

the Raritan PHII fits in the head compartment

Back to the little manual Raritan PHII toilet I found up by the dumpsters, where the man who’d discarded it did so because the dry/flush knob would no longer turn, and his wife couldn’t use it in this state. I removed the intake valve on the pump housing on this little toilet and upon closer inspection … read more

a Raritan PHII toilet

I’m pretty excited about this find. I was at the dumpsters with my garbage the other day and came upon this toilet that had been left for the garbage truck. It looked in decent condition and I’m a fan of anything Raritan. I found out who had owned and discarded it and asked about its condition. … read more

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